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Welcome to my website.  I am a Zimbabwean artist living in beautiful south west France.

I teach mixed media art and printmaking from my studio, overlooking fields, hills and the Pyrennees mountains,


Online courses

Weekly classes

One-to-one tutoring. 

Choose your creative learning experience - tailor-made just for you.

In my studio, you can learn the following:

Drawing: Basics and Advanced - pencil, charcoal, pen, inks. coloured pencils, pastels, chalk & more.

Painting:  Acrylics, watercolours, inks, natural pigments, collage and mixed media.

Printmaking: Lino, collagraph, monoprints, easyprint & combinations of printmaking techniques.

The subject matter here is endless - with beautiful skies, hills, trees, mountains, rivers as well as the tiny details of nature ~ all begging to be represented on paper or canvas!

           See here for more details.

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